How will I receive my accounts?

Account statements will be generated each  week  and emailed to a nominated email address.

What will happen if my child is absent will I still get charged?

If your child does not attend the Centre due to sickness (or any other reason) you will still be charged fees while you still have an active enrolment.

What is the difference between long day care and preschool?

Those enrolled in Preschool can claim up to 67 cents per hour that their child is in preschool. The claim form needed is called Claim for Registered Care and can be obtained through Medicare or Centrelink.

Parents can claim if they are working / maternity leave, studying, looking for work or on Carers Pension. Your receipts will be required, so please remember to keep them. You cannot claim in advance. If you require assistance or additional receipts, please see Administration. Preschool is only available for children 4 years of age.

Preschool hours are 8.30am – 4pm, Monday – Friday. 

    • Long Day Care operation hours are 7.45-5.45 catering for 6 weeks to 5 year olds. We are approved provider families wishing to claim the  Child Care Subsidy from the Australian Government.
    • Parents may apply for and claim CCS by completing and lodging and assessment and claim form at Department and Human Resources centre  located within  any Centrelink or Medicare Customer Service or by using the online service. Alternatively, you can lodge via the Centrelink app.

What to bring on your child’s first day?

    • You child will be required to have a bag with a spare set of clothes just in case of accidents or becoming wet during play.
    • Due to our sun safety policy, all children are required to have a brimmed hat. We also recommend packing a jacket and beanie during the colder months, as we value our outdoor play throughout the year
    • A Nutritional lunch box (due to regulations you are required to provide a hard plastic lunchbox) with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Please note we are nut and egg aware servic. A water bottle that your child can access independently throughout the day
  • Babies and Toddlers will also be required to bring:

Bottles, Breast Milk or Formula please discuss with our Educators your options to assist you in this transition

4- 6 Nappies a day if not toilet trained

Special comforter to help settle your child such as dummies, wraps, sleeping bags and toys

Written routine for babies and toddlers to assist educators with consistency of your child’s routine.

  • We understand children like to bring in toys and their favorite items, however we appreciate keeping these belongings at home to assist breakage or losing.

Please ensure all your child’s belongings are clearly labelled to ensure children and educators are able to identify.

We sell Cudal Community Children’s Centre logo hats, T-shirts and jumpers to assist with appropriate clothing choices. Please see staff if you would like to purchase.

Hours of operation

Long Day Care 7.45am to 5.45pm

Preschool 8.30am to 4pm

What if my child is sick?

Children, educators and visitors who enter the Centre must be well enough to fully participate in the activities of the day. Sick children and educators need to be excluded from the Centre until well.

The Centre Director or Nominated Person in charge, reserves the right to refuse entry to any child or Educator who comes to the centre obviously unwell. The Centre does not have separate facilities or staffing levels to care for sick children.

The following symptoms are warning signs that the child/adult is unwell. 

    • Severe, persistent or prolonged coughing and (child makes a high pitched croupy or whopping sound after coughing)
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Yellowish skin or eyes
    • Irritated eyes, eye lining red, puss from eyes
    • Unusual spots or rashes
    • Vomiting and or Diarrhea
  • Temperature over 38 degrees Celsius

Children, educators and visitors who become ill during the day will be sent home. Parents will be phoned to collect their child as soon as possible. It is suggested that parents should arrange for a relative or friend to be available for emergency care for times when a child is ill and unable to attend the Centre. Some illnesses may require medical attention and absence from Centre until completely recovered.

Doctor’s clearance may be necessary at the end of the isolation/exclusion period, before the child/educator/visitor can return to the Centre.

An Exclusion Table of Infectious Disease covering all infectious disease can be found on at the Centre. This gives information to families and educators about exclusion times. This information can also be found in the Staying Healthy in Childcare Edition 5


If an outbreak of an infectious disease occurs in the Centre, families will be notified verbally and with written notices. All infectious diseases (children and educators) will be logged in the Infectious Disease Log and monitored. Children who are not immunised may be ‘excluded’ from the Centre for the incubation period of an immunisation preventable disease, when an outbreak has occurred in the Centre. The Centre Director will keep the Centre record for immunised and non-immunised children up to date.

Parents must inform the Centre if their child has been exposed to any infectious diseases. This is for the safety of the other children, staff, visitor and pregnant mothers.

What to send in my child’s lunch box?

  • A healthy lunchbox full of fresh food gives your child the energy to concentrate, learn and play all day.

Please remember we are a nut aware center!

Morning tea ideas

Fruit or vegetables – we have a fruit first policy.

(3 – 5 shared fruit platter please put in fruit basket)

  • Yoghurt
  • Cheese
  • Rice cakes
  • Crackers
  • Popcorn
  • Pikelets

Lunch ideas

  • Sandwiches/Rolls or Wraps
  • Home cooked meals (we can reheat)
  • Salads
  • Sushi
  • Soup
  • Baked Beans

Afternoon tea ideas 

  • Yoghurt
  • Custard
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Vegs with dip or cream cheese
  • Cruskits, corn things, rice cakes or sao’s

Water is the best thirst quencher and therefore the best choice for the lunchbox. Please remember to pack your child with a drink bottle.

Foods to leave out of the lunchbox

  • Muffins and cakes
  • Sweet biscuits
  • Muesli bars
  • Fruit straps
  • Chocolate
  • Lollies
  • Potato chips
  • Processed cheese
  • Soft drink
  • Flavored yogurt and custard
  • Flavored milk
  • Fruit drinks

What if my child has an allergy or intolerance?

Talk to the educators to get a medical condition action plan form to complete. We can then put in place an action plan to eliminate the risks to your child.

We are a nut aware center.