Child’s First Day

Your Child’s First Day

Congratulations on making the decision to enrol your child at Cudal Community Children’s Centre.

We understand that every journey is individual and every family has different expectations.  We hope these following tips assist you and your child in making a smooth transition.

Before your Child’s First Day

Leading up to your child’s first day at Cudal Community Children’s Centre we recommend that you attend an orientation session and talk to your child about the Centre.


Give yourself plenty of time. Rushing will only make you and your child feel anxious.

Be Prepared

Prepare everything the night before: food (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea) bottles, dummies, nappies, hat, spare clothes and any comfort toys needed for sleep. A family photo is also a great idea.

Get to know

Introduce yourself to your child’s educators. Get to know the room leaders and educators. Spend some time each morning sharing with them about your child’s night, what they had for breakfast and how they may be feeling.

Stay and Play

Spend time settling your child. Read a book, draw a picture, or stay and play. This allows your child to feel comfortable and have a sense of belonging.

Say Goodbye

Whist you may feel you want to sneak off when your child is engaged and happy, this is not recommended. Children need to develop trust, they need to say ‘goodbye’ and know you will return. Saying goodbye is an important part of settling.


Many children cry when their parent leaves. This is a natural reaction. Once you say goodbye, ensure the educator knows you’re leaving and go. This may seem harsh but the educators will comfort your child and help them settle.

One more cuddle

We know how much we love to cuddle our children. Coming back for one last cuddle maybe great for you, but it makes it harder for your child to settle. It’s best for you and your child to establish a routine in order to create trust with the educators in the room.

Ask Questions

If you are unsure what your child is doing or how they are going, please ask questions. Educators are only happy to give feedback.

If you are still unsure or you feel unsupported, please speak with the Director, alternatively send an email or write a message. We are here to help you. No question is too small. We want to know about you and your child.


Within the first week please take the time to talk to your educator or the Director about how it is all going. You may feel you are the only person missing your child, or the only person whose child cries every day. Just know your child is in a safe, loving environment and settling can take up to six weeks. Please share any concerns and seek help from educators if you have any questions.