About Us

In 1972 a group of interested parents started the Cudal Preschool. It was originally in the Community Hall next door and has gradually evolved to it’s current form of a 5 day per week centre providing early childhood education and long day care.

The Centre is a community based, not-for-profit incorporated organisation and funded by the Federal and State Governments. We are managed by a volunteer management committee, elected each year at our Annual General Meeting.

This committee is made up of parent and/or community representatives and meets monthly. All parents are asked to speak to the Director about the committee and volunteer to be involved.

Our Aims:

  • To provide quality care through developing relationships and lifelong partnerships with our children, families, the management committee, staff and the wider community.
  • To create a feeling of acceptance and sense of belonging giving our service a family feel.

We believe:

  • Every child has the right to an Early Childhood Education. We focus on the individual, giving them a place to feel safe, valued, loved and respected in a small group environment.
  • Our educational play based programs assist each child giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential by recognizing all children as capable, competent and active participants in their learning environment using the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • The committee help to manage our financial and day to day running. They are dedicated and committed to providing a high quality service, offering their time and skills to our centre.
  • We value our families, their beliefs and diversity, by developing a respected partnership with families and a strong connection to the local community through events and effective communication.
  • Our educators are friendly and qualified, valuing open & honest communication and group discussion. Our educators value interests and cater towards offering unique learning experiences.
  • We see the importance of involving the Cudal community in our program. We value visiting local places, inviting members of the community and working with the schools and other services around the area.
  • Sustainability is embedded in our everyday routine and practices. We value educating our children through recycling daily, maintaining our vegetable garden and teaching the importance of sustainable living for our future.
  • Healthy living is a vital role in promoting a positive and happy life. We provide children and families with information of the importance of healthy eating and encourage this through events and daily routines and discussion. Staff are trained in the Munch and Move program and implement this daily.

Licencing Numbers

Our service is licenced by the Department of Human Services who determine how many children can be enrolled. The nearest Department of Human Services Office is located at 181 Anson Street, Orange.

Our current licence numbers are:

  • 0-5 years 27 children
  • Staff ratios are: 1adult: 4children (0-3 year olds)
    1 adult: 10 children (3-5 year olds)


Information and observations of children at the Centre are not reported by staff to third parties without your permission.

Families who regularly visit to the centre are also asked to respect the privacy of others.


Director – Emma Thomas

Lady Bug Educators –  Kaitlyn Knott, Hayden Watts, Deb Williamson

Busy Bee Educators – Tara King, Robyn Wheatley, Glenda Gibson, Louise Rosser

Trainee – Leah Draper

Admin – Kelly Townsend


President: Trudy Marriott

Vice President: Sandra Spratt

Treasurer: Kate Wood

Secretary:  Rachael Dunn

Ordinary Members:  Judith Cooke, Tracy Barnes, Michelle Murphy & Tammy Whiteman

Committee is elected each year at our AGM.